Century Dynamics
Here at Century Dynamics, we believe that the different solution is the best solution. Since 1998 we have worked tirelessly to alter the way you travel...forever. Enter the evolution.

The Biomechanical Genesis

Century Dynamics was founded on January 5, 1998 in Fairlawn, Ohio by six visionaries with one goal in mind: To change the way we travel forever. With a small team of engineers and sales representatives, several concepts were mulled during the concept evaluation phase, including lift-fan technology, hydraulic pogo sticks, and magnetically fixed roller-spheres.

In May 1998, Several prototypes were extensively trialed at Century Dynamics' remote testing grounds in Wooster, in a number of urban and wilderness terrains. Evaluations of the results placed the biomechanical limb based prototype first by a wide margin and the team decided to finalize the design of what was then known as the Prospective Multi-Terrain Transporter. The engineering and manufacturing phase was then initiated. Investors lined up at the door and the company swelled with new employees as the news of the successful trials gained national prominence, with front page reports in Time Magazine and Popular Science.

Over the next ten years, Century Dynamics toiled to refine and perfect the biomechanical limb concept and turn it into reality. Numerous improvements were achieved in power consumption, fluidity of movement, and performance. Nothing can be perfect, but Century Dynamics strives to get as close as possible, and our thorough and comprehensive testing program is a testament to this philosophy. We tested limbs for every possible contingency, from collisions to hijackings, sandstorms to blizzards.

In 2009, the Prospective Multi-Terrain Transporter was rechristened as the Struthion-EX, the world's very first commercial biomechanical vehicle. With a 45,000 vehicle backlog of orders, there was never any doubt that we had delivered the promised revolution. Since the Struthion-EX's North American debut in November 2009, we have sold over 78,000 Struthion-EXs in a rapidly expanding number of configurations.

Today, Century Dynamics employs over 34,000 people worldwide, with branches in over fourty nations and growing. Our first and primary factory is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Ones Who Started It All

The six original founders of Century Dynamics. These pioneers are now responsible for the company's high level decisions and day-to-day operations.

Dr. Gregor von Heissmann
Dr. Gregor von Heissmann is the head scientist and the manager of our Science and Innovation division. The father of biomechanical limb technology, it was his vision that led to the creation and success of this company. He has multiple Masters degrees in Physics, Bioengineering, Molecular Chemistry, Nanotechnology, 12th Century Danish Literature, Robotics, Crisis Management, Sociology, and Sustainable Energy from the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and Harvard. He is a certified Tai-Chi instructor and has genius level IQ scores. Heissmann was born in Roswell, New Mexico and has 46,000 friends on Facebook.
Travis Connor is the CEO and majority stockholder of Century Dynamics. He and Dr. Heissmann met while studying at Harvard, and realizing that they shared the same vision of fundamentally altering motor transportation, they agreed to co-found what would become Century Dynamics. Recruiting the four other founders based on a rigorous evaluation of their credentials, Connor formed the nucleus of the company. Today, he is responsible for all high level non-technical decisions in the Company. Hailing from Tucson, Oklahoma, Connor has a master's degree in International Business and a BS in financial management.
Paul White
David Crenshaw is our chief financial officer. He has an Undergrad in fraud investigation and financial management from Ohio State University. He had worked with various multinational business for fifteen years before joining founders of Century Dynamics. Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, he has been invaluable in keeping the company profitable from the early days of experimentation to the current globe-spanning enterprise Century Dynamics is today.
Dr. Ollie McLanahan
Dr. Ollie McLanahan, our oldest and most experienced team member, is the head of ergonomics and customer usability duties. His experience from twenty-five years at Black Mesa research facility in New Mexico has given him great experience and expertise in developing technology that is usable and easy to operate. Everything developed for Struthion-EXs that relates to comfort and operation from seat forms to steering yokes is overseen by him. He has a Master's degree in customer services, dimensional studies, and subatomic physics from MIT. He is currently married to his fourth wife, who happens to be Dr. Heissmann's sister, Margret.
Jamal Richardson is the chief manager of prototype trials and field testing. He has a Bachelor's degree in philosophy and scientific method from MIT. Jamal was previously the chief urban transportation advisor to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, his hometown.
Barbara Grenwald is the head of marketing and human resources. She as a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Masters degree in finances and advertising design. She speaks several dozen languages fluently, including Swahilli, Arabic, Clingon, Chinese, Korean, French, Elvish, and Portugese. Barbara is from Edmonton, Canada.