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Our groundbreaking Struthion-EX line of eco-friendly biomechanical quadrupeds have numerous applications for the consumer and government markets. The variations of our product can excel at any given task, from carrying you though your daily commute to work to first responders saving lives in an emergency, to warfighters dominating the battlefield.

Consumer Models

Struthion-EX Roadrunner


Our flagship product. The one that started it all. Our basic civil quadruped is available for consumers at all of our associated dealers, offering a revolutionary alternative to the automobile for a reasonable price range from a base 18,000 USD to 43,000 USD with the addition of optional features. It is available in red, blue, cyan, green, silver, black, and white.


Base Roadrunner:

  • hybrid-electric engine for an eco-friendly operation

  • Power steering

  • Satellite Radio

  • Airbags (x2)

  • Temperature control.

  • Biomechanical legs, capable of superb off-road performance. Obstacles, intrusive pedestrians, and would-be hijackers can be repelled with this feature, making your drive a more safe and enjoyable experience.

Additional features

  • Multifunction touch screen with GPS and voice commands

  • Seat heating

  • Lane departure warning systems

  • Back up camera.

Struthion-EX Workhorse

Similar to the Roadrunner, the Workhorse is ideal for the hard-working citizen. Capable of travelling across the most rugged terrain with ease, the Workhorse can haul it's payload anywhere you want it. Getting your wheels stalled in mud is a thing of the past. It has the same features and colors as the Roadrunner listed above. Price ranges from 23,000 USD to 35,000 USD.

Struthion-EX Struzzo


For those who demand a compact, high speed ride, the Struzzo is the answer to your calls. A perfect replacement for motorcycles, the Struzzo is capable of high speeds and impressive agility. Silently. No longer will the roar of motorcycle engines jerk your neighbors from their sleep, the Struzzo sets a new standard in noise pollution reduction. Price ranges from 9,000 to 13,000 USD.

Struthion-EX Icarus


Why limit yourself to roads? Why leave the revolution Earth-bound? With the Icarus, biomechanical limbs paired with high quality aircraft create a perfect marriage of long distance travel and rugged landing capabilities. The limbs allow the aircraft to land on any terrain, be it a paved runway or the jagged mountains of the Himalayas. The runway length needed for a safe landing is drastically reduced, meaning a faster disembarking of passengers. Orders have already exceeded 900 airframes with approximately one third already in use. For a demonstration, contact us today!

Struthion-EX Hard Man

The Hard Man gives any farmer the raw muscle to complete their grueling daily tasks. With the raw power to carry or pull up to three times it's own weight, a small fleet of Hard Men can replace your entire inventory of tractors, harvesters, and crop dusters. The price range for this powerful tool ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 dollars, depending on the strength level.

Government models

Struthion-EX Transporter


The Transporter is available as an alternative to noisy and cumbersome school busses used by education facilities worldwide. The Transporter is capable of reaching speeds of 65 miles per hour on paved or unpaved surfaces. No longer will students who reside in inconvenient locations be denied their right to tax-funded transportation to school. The Transporter can protect it's passengers with it's enhanced biomechanical limbs, denying hijackers or kidnappers the chance to harm your loved ones. The Transporter is available in either traditional yellow or a neon green paint scheme for maximum visibility.

Struthion-EX Guardian

The Guardian is the answer to every firefighter and police officer's dreams. Capable of exceptional performance on rugged, debris covered terrain. It's limbscan remove obstacles in the Guardian's path or retrieve survivors.

Struthion-EX Modular Octopedal Armor (MOA)


The Shield is a solution to the challenges faces by our warfighters on the modern battlefield. Our biomechanical limbs provide our signature off road excellence as well as superior IED protection. Mines don't seem so scary when you're eight feet above the ground. If one pair of limbs are blown off, six more are ready to keep you moving. The limbs are superb for close quarters combat, making the Shield ideal for urban warfare. The Shield is available in the following variants:

  • Armored Personnel Carrier. Capacity to carry two crewmembers and nine combat ready soldiers. Armed with a standard M2 12.7mm heavy machine gun or a 40mm Mk19 grenade launcher.

  • Tank Destroyer: 105mm smooth-bore cannon capable of fire HEAT, flechette, and depleted uranium rounds.

  • NBC: Equipped with necessary equipment to detect nuclear, biological, and chemical threats.

  • Medevac: Strengthened limbs for higher speeds. On board medical equipment for casualty care.

  • Air Defense: Armed with a GAU-8 Vulcan anti-air gatling cannon and four Stinger heat seeking missile launchers.

  • Directed Energy Weapon Platform: Armed with a solid-state laser and appropriate power generators.

  • Command Vehicle: Carries the communications equipment necessary for a commander to adequately assess and react to the situation on the battlefield.

  • Artillery: Carries a 155mm howitzer and strengthened limbs to absorb the increased recoil.

Looking forward...

At Century Dynamics, we are not content with the here and now. Our forward thinking R&D division works day and night to bring us the next revolution. Tentative products in development include electric and hydrogen powered versions of our current product line, biomechanical high speed trains, as well as amphibious transports. In 2015, we will release our Struthion-EX Overlord roadworthy and flight capable consumer quadruped will erase the boundary between pilot and driver. No longer will traffic jams or crowded airways keep you away from your destination. Contact your local Century Dynamics dealership today to reserve your own!

Expanding our global reach

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Customer support

Having problems with your Struthion-EX? Have questions? Comments? Contact us by calling our customer support line at 330-665-9235 or sending us a message via our Testimonials page.